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Winnie Nunuva Mutua

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Florence Kanario

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I, Florence Kanario, was born on 22nd July 1990 in Igembe Central, Meru County. I am  the last born. The only girl in a family of three,  two(2) boys and I. My upbringing was a humble one. Have been brought up in a humble background.  I started my education in neighbouring school called Machungulu in… Read more »

Yvonne Wamucii Njagi

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My name is Yvonne Wamucii Njagi.A 26 year old young woman born in Embu County. I am passionate about the general leadership of my country. This has seen me interact with many political leaders and also develop a special interest in the leadership of our country. The leaders we elect affect us as the electorate… Read more »

Suzanne Silantoi

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For as long as I can remember status quo hasn’t been my cup of tea and therefore my intention to join elective politics was not too far off for me. I had a normal childhood. My brother and I grew up in Nairobi with very supportive parents. I had the privilege of attending both public… Read more »

Samanthah Maina

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Hi, my name is Samanthah Nyambura Maina. 27 years old and in the 2017 elections I ran for public office, for  MCA Kileleshwa ward. Beyond the fact that I vied for office, I am a social justice advocate, pan- africanist, feeling deeply for issues around young people, women and girls. I enjoy reading books, purposefully,… Read more »

Ruth Mukuba

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Adversity opens the doors of opportunities A beautiful baby girl had been born in the era of a single ruling party to a humble family; in a small town in Kenya where at the time; Teargas, strikes, and police brutality were the order of the day. The nfamous Nyayo House Chambers is where “criminals”opposing the then government… Read more »

Nafula Kisiangani

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Growing up in rural Kenya, Nafula was one of the few girls from her community with minimal basic needs that completed her formal education, and went on to university. Her passion for social justice is deeply grounded in lived, personal experience. Having been brought up in a highly patriarchal society in rural Kenya and witnessing… Read more »

Maryann Njambi Mugo

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My name is Maryann Njambi, from a little known village-Tayari Farm, in Molo ward, Molo Constituency, Nakuru County. It is located next to the Mau forest in the Rift valley Region. I am a last born in a family of five and the only girl. I was raised a Presbyterian but I joined a church… Read more »

Lynnet Mbula Mutula

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My name is Lynnet Mbula Mutula, a nominated Member of County Assembly. My nomination was through the Wiper Democratic Movement-Kenya.I always grew up thinking of becoming something different, far from being a politician.In fact, from the word go,since I was a young girl,I dreamt of pursuing legal studies which would consequently lead to me becoming… Read more »

Catherine Wanjiku Irungu (Cathy Irungu)

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Ms.Cathy Irungu is a 34 years old  Kenyan from Nyeri County. Cathy is a entrepreneur, NGO director and very articulate politician on national and regional politics. She is also a mother to two young children and a staunch catholic. Cathy, just like many other young and progressive women in the world finds time to juggle… Read more »


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