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Lynnet Mbula Mutula

Binti Uongozini May 31, 2018 1845 No Comments


My name is Lynnet Mbula Mutula, a nominated Member of County Assembly. My nomination was through the Wiper Democratic Movement-Kenya.I always grew up thinking of becoming something different, far from being a politician.In fact, from the word go,since I was a young girl,I dreamt of pursuing legal studies which would consequently lead to me becoming a lawyer. However,things took a different twist when I joined the university to pursue a career in Film and Media studies at the Kenyatta University,main campus.

I unconsciously found myself developing a deep-rooted passion in politics which was then becoming irresistible day by day.As a matter of fact,I didn’t have the slightest  idea on what politics entailed at the core.Wife to the former vice president H.E Dr,Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka and the Wiper party leader identified and reached out to me on the possibility of  joining the Wiper party which I readily and hurriedly gave in to without giving it a second thought.Pauline,Kalonzo’s wife,had seen a lot of potential in me on matters pertaining politics which is arguably one of the most diverse and dynamic spheres of human existence.I felt encouraged,recognized and indeed looked forward to battling with the stormy tides in the political arena.

This is where my journey in the political world began.

Fast Forward (sic),I joined and started working with the Wiper party’s digital and online team.This was executed on voluntary basis which means we expected no pay at all from the party.Before long, I became a household name in the blogosphere owing to my relentless marketing of the Wiper party in its entirety alongside its leadership, something I did with unmatched temerity and boldness.This earned me the name ‘iron lady’ which I  gladly accepted.

As a team,we gave our best to this endeavor to a great extent. It bore fruits.We encouraged people to believe in the ideologies and visions of the party not forgetting the carriers of these,the party leadership.

Back in the year 2015,I was contemplating to vie for the M.C.A seat back at my rural ward of Kilili/Kalamba/Nzaui, Makueni constituency, Makueni County.People from different walks of life gave me encouragements and wished me well in my quest. The idea of me running for this seat was initially mooted by my close friends and associates.They expressed how they believed in me.However,towards the end of 2016, after a lot of soul-searching, I would continue with my plans for contesting.

There were many reasons that made me rethink my decision.One of them was the fact that I did not have enough funds to help me do successful campaigns across  the entire ward given its expansiveness and diversity.For me to run a successful campaign,I required not less than five million shillings.A big chunk of this money would go to logistics,branding,transport and taking care of my campaign.Another problem compounding to this challenge was the fact that  I had very little time for me to carry out campaigns.My would be competitors had started their campaigns about three years to the election’s date hence catching up with them would be a nightmare.The issue of lacking enough time for campaigns was brought about due to the engagements we had campaigning for the National Super Alliance to which my party belonged.We would accompany the coalition’s leadership wherever they went to facilitate coverage especially in the social media platforms. Needless to say,left me with very little time to engage with my electorate.

It was now very clear that my plans for vying had hit a dead rock.I made up my mind to go and see my party leader for a piece of advice. I successfully booked an appointment to see him and eventually did,I expressed my desire to present my particulars for consideration to be nominated as a Member of County Assembly.To my joy, he readily agreed and indicated that I had his blessings for the same.When time was ripe to present nomination names to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, I did so with indication that I wished to be nominated at the Makueni county assembly under the youth category.Eventually,I was nominated to the county assembly of my choice.In the county assembly, I serve under the broadcasting commission whose mandate is reception and dissemination of information concerning the assembly.It is worth noting that my nomination into the county assembly did not come easily as I have had to grapple with incessant court battles.

It all began when the names for nomination were been ratified.My name did not feature despite of the fact that I had duly applied for the nomination using the right procedure.I fought this in the court and my name was reinstated.Before the ink dried,a petitioner went to court challenging my nomination.This saw my nomination getting revoked but have since then gone to court to appeal and obtained a stay that enables me perform fully as nominated Member of County Assembly,pending hearings and consequent verdict.I strongly believe that I am going to be victorious due to the flimsy and baseless grounds levelled against my nomination.My desire to serve the lovely people of Makueni and Kenya at large.

I have a desire to go for a higher political seat come the year 2022 but I am yet to concretely decide the seat I will go for.This desire to go for a higher office is accelerated by my unending and strong desire to offer alternative leadership.I want to be an answer to the various problems bedeviling our generation,in the capacity I will be privileged to serve in.As we get close to 2022,I put all factors into consideration and decide,with the input of various stakeholders the office I will be going for.

The journey has not been without challenges.One of these is lack trust.You find that,the elderly people or fellow youngsters still do not believe that a young person can lead and do that efficiently.People still think that been young is a limitation to being a leader.This is just a fallacy since anybody can lead given they know what it entails and qualify as stipulated by the supreme law of land,the constitution.Young people are viewed as been money-hungry and been extravagant at the expense of giving services to the people.

There is also the issue of gender discrimination.People still believe that women are not supposed to be given the mandate to lead men.Still,the culture of viewing women as being less capable and inferior to men, is still rampant and common among people.Women,as we know them,are as superior or ever more superior to men hence the quote that,what a man can do,a woman can do better. Amongst ourselves,some women have helped in perpetuating this for they feel inferior to men.These are the very people who are very quick to shoot down the aspirations of their fellow women.It will be very difficult for men to support women if the very women cannot support some of their own oblivious of their large numbers in the society which statistically surpasses men’s.

The issue of being single in an African society further compounds to this already bad situation.In accordance to African beliefs,it is very wrong for a woman who has reached the marriageable age to still be single.You are viewed and treated as an outcast.For an African woman to be complete,they have to be married and be in custody of their own households.This unwritten,very retrogressive,makes many potential would be female leaders shun off the political field,hence denying the masses quality leadership.The quality of a leader is not tied to whether someone is married or not. Speaking out of experience,I have really found it difficult to survive in the political arena.People castigate me openly for been not married and this goes a long way in jeopardising my standing as a leader.You are viewed just as mere girl who is not capable of leading.

The issue of financial incapability is also a big challenge.Our people in the society have been cultured to believe that it is the work of aspirants to dish out money as they seek political mandate which derails development big time.You are thought to be broke and poor or selfish if you don’t give out money and other favours to the people as you seek to serve them.It is common to hear people say that they are giving job to a politician so they should buy it through handouts.

Personally,I would like to inspire courage to help us show to the world that young women,married or not married,can be leaders and that they can change the world given the opportunity.

All these problems need to be addressed majorly through civic education at the grassroot level.Let people debunk from the culture of asking for handouts from political leaders.Let us not judge people by the virtue of their gender rather on their capability to serve.Age should not be a limitation to vying and seeking the people’s mandate into office.Marital status does not serve,it is an individual who serves.


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